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Why 10 Strings?

Psalm 33, talks about praising the Lord, and playing skillfully on a 10 string instrument. I thought cool, I should build one, just cause I can.


Not really knowing what I was creating, I built an instrument that allowed me unlimited creativity…basically a guitar and a bass on one neck with an on-board acoustic guitar and full midi. Nothing basic going on here lol. This was quite a wiring nightmare. I had never done anything like this before, so I recruited a friend of mine that could embrace this craziness.

When this incredible instrument was finished I was blown away with what madness I had created here. I had no Idea, the creativity that was about to open up.  

I had no Idea, the creativity that was about to open up.  


When I built my 10 string , I also built another 10 string along side of mine for my friend. The second one was geared towards a guitarist…a much narrower neck and a multi scale fingerboard, a4 string bass and a 6 string guitar with all the same goodies as mine….together. We could trade off carrying the bass or guitar in the middle of a song, bringing beautiful acoustic guitar sounds and taking turns soloing, chording, or introducing new melodies…. and that wasn’t even using the midi yet!

This may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” but for me…. I Love the freedom to explore. Not locked in any role. Just making music.



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